Naruto has tobirama memories fanfiction harem sasuke Tsunade said, that whoever finds the scroll gets to choose whose memory is to be. 'This battle is dragging on. Everywhere there were flowers and some that didn't even exist. Disclamor: I do not own Naruto or other stuff in the future. Naruto was on Kakashi's back screaming bloody murder as blood trickled out of his eyes and down his cheeks. . Looking for fic, naruto has memories of his past lives as Asura and hashirama. That Talk, changes the Shinobi world as we know it, Forever. Naruto's pink-haired teammate shot to her feet, eyes wide. . Also, it's a harem fic, and Naruto's sleeping with everyone's. . Looking at the ruins of the world Naruto is sent back in time by Gaara to change it where it truly began, during the time of the Shodaimes rule. Naruto: Uchiha Chronicles. "Oh Naruto, I'm sorry that I've kept you waiting. All the silent pains and all the sacrifices come back to him with violence. "Stupid Iruka-sensei for giving me detention. . " Says Mizuki with a smile, making Sasuke grunt. With a giant cheer the class ran to the door but the angry Sakura rushed at Naruto with her fist cocked. By: angeal666. , Sasuke U. This has to be a trick. AU on some parts, we will see. "What about Itachi?" asked Naruto, "Itachi is slowly dying from illness. " She says to. The next morning Naruto opened his eyes slowly to adjust to the light, he was still in the same bed he remembered falling asleep in. . . . . " Said Hiruzen and monkey took a long and careful look at Naruto. . Sasuke always knew his family was a little off. Sakura's hand glowed green as sweat trickled down her forehead. Tsunade-baachan, earlier, informed him Jiraiya was killed by the leader of the Akatsuki. To which the reaming group sweat dropped. Naruto. Uchiha Sasuke & Uzumaki Naruto (19) Senju Tobirama/Uchiha Izuna (19) Senju Hashirama/Uzumaki Mito (15). They accused Naruto of being jealous a brat, just being an all-around bother to them. Sasuke has come back after Kakashi's bell test and partially passed due to a few. . . . . . But the really interesting point and the one that is most important when it comes to a harem fic is that the women of the harem competed with each other not just "to see who the Sultan loves more" but to gain real political power and influence. Which meant that he needed to interfere or else Sasuke would go nuts and abandon the village, possibly planning to destroy it in the process. . And who is the red-haired girl following him from the shadows?. But nothing is ever easy, in the world of shinobi. In Fire Forged by OmgImPwned. . D: We don't own anything, everything that Is Naruto and every other thing we use is owned by rightful owners, except for plots and Ocs. – Bloodlines/ROOT ANBU NarutoHarem. " Naruto began to lick the dick on the sides, as if savoring a Popsicle. .
He had just witnessed the boy in question call upon an almost endless horde of Kage Bunshin to beat his former teacher's aide Mizuki into a bloody pulp. A cry from Naruto was all that broke through the silence from within the blonde's mind. Naruto/Harem MinXShiz. Now his grandson will set out on a journey to bring honor back to their clan and family. Most conflicts were fairly inconsequential, though one resulted in the death of Madara's brother, Izuna Uchiha. . . Hey everyone this is God of is Naruto:Tobiramas Legacy the first in a series of stories labelled Naruto:name of one will have Naruto be the descendant/legacy or student of a legendary ninja whos skills he learns or abilities he next in the series will be chosen by the one who is mentioned the most in your reviews by next. . Nov 20, 2023 · Senju Tobirama has a half-feral gremling child with a death wish (and disappointing students). , Tobirama S. . Naruto, by instinct, grabbed Sasuke's wrist and used his momentum to throw him over Naruto's shoulder. Naruto. Elements of. Chapter 1. He kissed the head again before he deep throated it. . Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance. . . But when she is pushed down a well to unlock an ancient seal, Sakura has no choice but to believe. Naruto. . Watch as Naruto's life is transformed by this one traumatic event. Everyone was gathered in the living room, Sasuke and Haku were being treated by Sakura and Tsunami. Looking at the ruins of the world Naruto is sent back in time by Gaara to change it where it truly began, during the time of the Shodaimes rule. Naruto: Uzumaki awakened. I like," looks at Sasuke, " I dislike Naruto Baka, and my dream. . I can see it! Naruto thought to himself. Naruto. Kiba and Naruto put their legs on the table where Sasuke was sitting, and the three guys stared into each other's eyes. Both their Sensei and their idiot team mate were both missing. . At first nothing happened but after a couple of minutes, the sewer changed to a clearing of the forest surrounded by huge trees taller than Kyuubi, in the corner was a lake with a waterfall. "Oh Naruto, I'm sorry that I've kept you waiting.

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